Furry Broadcasting Network is No More

With that post on Twitter and Telegram FBN is no more, as of this posting their streams are down as well.

UPDATE FBN Issued the following statement

The sudden announcement about FBN closing is true.
The announcement has brought us attention, kind and unkind ones.

CEO ShadowLeRawr has been struggling to keep the project up and running, we started to see a decline in activity, staff members leaving due to future endeavors. 15 to just 2 members on staff
Our Tech Admin and our CEO Shadow.

Shadow made the executive decision to close the doors due to many other issues, Funding, activity, and music licensing.

Fbn got a way with licensing by having permission from the artists to allow us to play their music on PPR.

but due to lack of DJ Sets due us not being covered by ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN and SX witch was needed to allow us to have DJs on our station. (Current Rates would be $1000+ to be covered by all pros)

The next best thing we could do due to the combined issues
Is to close our doors and mark our time in Furry History.

Will we come back in the future? Maybe? Who knows time will tell.

And This

Shadow wanted to also say that he is sorry to everyone regardless the matter.

He’s going though a very rough patch right now due to this as FBN was his baby since 2015. FBN would be 6 years old Tomorrow

He doesn’t want to talk as some haters are also thinking this is a guilt trip to gain sudden attention. So If you know him personally reach out to him and give him hug.