AnthrOhio Registration Now Open!!!

Philanthropist Rewards: Each PhilAnthropist will be receiving the 2022 AnthrOhio Adventure kit. This kit will contain The Aziz Class Multilight, the Plisken Escape 1 liter Water Bottle, the Voigt-Kampff AnthrOhio Fob, and the Gattica Workout Backpack.

Early Pickup: Patrons and PhilAnthropists will be able to pick up their Badges during Thursday’s Early Registration period along with Staff, and Dealers.

Convention Shirt: Patrons and PhilAnthropists receive the current year’s Convention shirt.

Guest of Honor Dinner: Patrons and PhilAnthropists are invited to attend the Guest of Honor Dinner.

Art Print: Sponsors and above receive a limited edition Art Print.

Sponsor Button: Sponsors and above receive a limited edition Art Button.

Ice Cream Social: Sponsors and above are invited to the Sunday Ice Cream Social.

Hospitality Suite: ALL Attendees are welcome for snacks and drinks in the Hospitality Suite.

Attendee Badge: ALL Attendees receive a Badge that they are to wear to access all of AnthrOhio’s Convention Function Space. Basic, Sponsors, Patrons and PhilAnthropists Badges are for the Full Weekend, and Daily Badges are for one Specific Day.

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