Review of Circles #4

As I sit here and type this, I wonder if any of you had the same trip as I did to this point. I originally discovered Circles on this what can best be called a magazine/ manga hosting site. I discovered a lot of comics… but Circles was different. It was the one that drew me back time and time again. It really wasn’t until another furry and I was talking about it. That it was more than the 4 issues I found online. That caused me to buy the 1st collection from Rabbit Valley, and later when they were at MFF I got the other 2 volumes.

Still to this very day I wish volume 3 got the same treatment… comic wise as the first 2.

I am such a fan, I even did an interview with Andrew French for my site. I found that he was so damn nice, although he did the writing as he corrected me. The interview is one of my favorites. I still would like to do ones with Steve Domanski and Scott Fabianek.

So what do I think of Circles #4 it was so incredibly nice just to see all the characters get together for one last time. I secretly hope not. The plot was of a reunion dinner at the old house we all come so familiar. Actual tears of joy are welling up in my eyes as I type this.

Masterpiece is the least I can say. It really is a MUST BUY for all you Circles fans.

It was nice to see what everyone was doing, and who actually became a Granpa will surprise you. But I promise no spoilers here.

I really wish I could post page 7 here. It is a hyena gardener and it makes me smile.

No joke I was really crying at the end of it.

My guess is you already heard it’s more cookbook than graphic novel. But the cookbook holds a secret which I have not seen anyone talking about. Circles art at the beginning of each chapter. The one in the hot tub I wish I could post on my wall.

One last thing, I am straight, more ASexual as time passes. But Circles have let me understand the Gay community which I am more open to it now, before I started this journey.


Andrew French, Steve Domanski and Scott Fabianek.

If you can’t make it to MFF, maybe one day I can say “Hi” at Anthro New England.

You can get Circles #4 here