Amino app Final Verdict

After trying a couple of groups on Amino I have come to one conclusion…it’s not for me. I am not saying it’s bad for everyone, just that being a blogger and all the work I had to go through just to get people to even look at my work was really not worth it. Take something I was actually proud about posting a weekly version of Furry Times on the Furry Net group on Amino. The most number of views the post even gotten was 5, yes just 5 views and that is for 20 mins of work. That and getting into a disagreement with it’s owner, I felt it was the right time to drop Amino and get it off my phone once and for all.

My observations…

If your into art or fursuit making than the furry groups on Amino are for you. Otherwise don’t even bother, writers hardly even get a nibble.