Fursuits and Fursonas Video / Spy Seal

Vice.com did this wonderful video on this one man dealing with life as a furry. Everything we have to deal with every single day. LINK

Spy Seal by Rich Tommaso is something unique a classic spy adventure done in a style very similar to what Herge did for Tintin which you can see by this sample.

Spy Seal is set in a Cold War-era London that just happens to be populated entirely by anthropomorphic animals—like our protagonist Malcolm, a down-on-his-luck seal in a fetching turtleneck, or his artist bird-friend, Sylvia. But Spy Seal doesn’t really acknowledge that, it’s far too busy darting from conversations about the class system and violent revolution to commentary on modern art, from wolves conducting interpretive dance to the same wolves revealing themselves as Russian secret agents and pulling guns out for an assassination attempt mid-performance.

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