The Lucifer “Furry” episode AKA “Boo Normal”

Finally saw the furry episode of Lucifer “Boo Normal”, episode 25 as it turns out both season as well as the series finale. Having never seen a Lucifer episode before I really didn’t know what to expect. But what I saw was a total mess, I know some furries want this series back badly. But what I saw was a HUGE MESS, first of all, you got your forensics person seeing a ghost, all as they are troubled over personal issues, namely moving back to their hometown. Next, you got the title character and an officer both being outsmarted by a teen. All in a story that goes off in 1000 different directions. I won’t spoil the ending but when what turns out to be the actual murder go on the attack and frankly there is so little evidence against them in RL they could not be charged frankly to me made no sense.

As to the furry part, it lasted roughly 3 minutes and frankly was the best scene in the entire episode. I am not saying that because I am a furry. But because I am a fan of mysteries I have literally seen 100s of different episodes from various series. You know the anime series Case Closed is better than this, and that was made for kids, hell I even go as far as to say even Scooby Doo in its various incarnations is far better than what I saw.

If you want a good lite mystery to check out Miss Fisher Mysteries, which is currently running on some PBS stations. Anything is frankly better than what I saw.