Another Furry Behaving Badly

It seems both Wikifur and the Multnomah District Attorney are reporting that Brandon Vongthongthip AKA Danger Doberman AKA WildWulf is currently sitting in jail on probation violations.

In other words, Wikifur is saying

Bestiality and arrest
In 2009, WILDWULF was arrested for 200 accounts of sexual assault of an animal, and 200 counts of aggravated animal abuse after photos of him engaging in sexual acts with his pit bull were reported to the Oregon Humane Society. WILDWULF admitted to sexually abusing his dog over 400 times in a five-year time period, but the charges were later reduced to a total of six. He was sentenced to a year in jail, a $500 fine, five years of probation, and mandatory “sex offender treatment”, in addition to being barred from owning animals (during treatment) or having contact with “Rocky”, the dog he had abused.

Second arrest
On June 27, 2016, Danger was arrested in Coconino county along with Shane Tebo (Pokey Pony) for shooting a driver they believed was driving under the influence of alcohol, after forcing him off the road and into a ditch. He was booked on attempted second degree homicide, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct with a weapon and disorderly conduct, but only spent 75 days in prison]

Spiritual changes
After his release from prison for the shooting incident, Danger posted that he had undergone a spiritual revelation. He also announced that he would no longer be drawing pornography and would be deleting all such material from his galleries. This was never done, and Danger returned to drawing pornography.[citation needed][when?] But, in e621, his tags and pictures was removed from the database.[when?]

Third arrest and extradition to Oregon
According to Twitter posts on DangerDoberman’s personal account, he has been arrested again on March 14th “on a warrant issued out of Oregon” and has been extradited from Arizona to Oregon, due to probation violation. He is currently in prison with no release date confirmed.