Anthrocon to Host Kid’s Art Competition

This week Anthrocon announced they will be hosting a Children’s Art Show and Competition.

It will only be open to students living in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.  There will be 2 different divisions based on age. Division A will be for any student up to the age of 12.  Division B will be for any and all students from age 13 to senior in high school. This is also extended to students who are home schooled.

All entries must be of this year’s theme being Aesop’s Fables and must contain animals in any form mythical to realistic. Although the site goes into more detail about different types of media that are allowed. All submissions must be made by June 1, 2020.

Winner in the younger division will receive $100 Amazon gift card. Those near college age could receive a $1,000 grant which only can be used for education or educational supplies.

Details can be found HERE