Follow The Weather Network to plan your day? Fursuiters sure do!

The Weather Network of Canada did this great article on how Fursuiters follow them to get the latest update on The Weather Network

To quote the article

Nathan Coleman, The Weather Network’s Halifax Bureau Reporter, met up with a few furries after connecting on social. Coleman said, “When a person dressed in a raccoon suit started following me on Twitter, I didn’t know what to think, other than I suppose everyone needs to know the weather.”

The Full article can be found here

But if you’re not a fursuiter like most of us, you really don’t think about the weather being a HUGE issue when fursuiting outdoors. Like knowing when it is going to rain, or be foggy as this could change plans. Even the heat most of us are experiencing isn’t all that great. I even discovered the year it snowed at MFF most fursuiters didn’t want to go out as they feared it would damage their fursuits.