Digging Up Positivity: Furry charity and good news (July 2020)

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Hello there, and welcome to July’s episode of Digging Up Positivity. This month we will cover some amazing members of our community, lovely videos, and our featurette is a wonderful artist from Berlin known for her outstanding artwork for individuals and companies alike.


Following many amazing conventions, South Afrifur could not be left behind. They took it upon themselves to organise Fursaverance and raised quite a bit for charity, as for the details, I think they will explain this best by themselves, Ivic Wulfe, you have the stage!

How is it? This is Ivic Wulfe reporting from Fursaverance.

The South African furry community decided that despite their live convention South Afrifur being cancelled, they needed and wanted to create a space for furs to enjoy themselves anywhere.With this in mind and with the goal of raising money for charity, they got to work.

So then, myself, Valerian, Sudo…

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