VR JMoF Coming

VR JMoF Coming October 3rd (Sat.) to 4th (Sun.), 2020

VR JMoF is an online convention held entirely on VRChat. While providing a place to express furries in new ways like VR (Virtual Reality) and 3DCG, we aim to promote interaction in these fields.

This time, before the actual “VR JMoF 2021”, we will host “VR JMoF 2021 Prologue”, a pre-event that will let you get a taste of what VR JMoF’s atmosphere will be like. We will have VR JMoF 2021 announcements, exchange activities mainly for people new to VRChat, and so on.
Why not try to take this opportunity and experience the VR world? Whether you’re a VRChat regular or have never touched it before, we’re looking forward to you joining!

Full details can be found HERE