Oracle to Buy TikTok

Some might ask why am I even posting this because whether you use TikTok or not it’s a matter of Free Speech. The all started with Idiot and Chief after getting a severe ghosting by Twitter and TikTok users threatened to shut TikTok down since it was based in China.

Or to quote the article on

The deal, which was confirmed Sunday by a source with direct knowledge, comes after the Trump administration pressured TikTok to sell its U.S. business over concerns about the threat to national security. The administration alleged that the company’s ties to China through its parent company, ByteDance, meant it would have to hand over data about Americans if asked by China’s government. TikTok has denied that it would hand over data, which it stressed is stored outside China.

With this reactionary govt we now are faced with Freedom of Speech even if it just animal videos are getting harder and harder to protect. Who knows in a few years with the same people in charge Even furries might become illegal.