My Evansville Trip #5: Wrap Up and Heading Home

Despite everything in Evansville, IN being so far from one another and you realize that the buses generally either aren’t in your area or that they actually don’t stop at something you like to see. I really had a great time. I hooked up with a friend I literally hadn’t seen in 20+ years. I have a new fav Penny Lane Coffee House. I had a vegan Confetti cookie was the moistest one I ever had. Also you can’t beat playing Mini Golf with a friend at Walther’s Golf and Fun. I actually only knocked my ball into the water 3 times, and was able to beat some holes I previously gave up upon.

Because of personal problems I really ran away to Evansville. Now I feel I can handle everything (I Hope).

Heading Home tomorrow so due to when I am leaving and my route home. I am planning my next update on Tuesday, there might be something Monday. But a lot depends on what happens.