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If there ever was a furry site that totally pissed me off Fursuit Review is one of them, and for the following reason. Not everyone can afford the best quality, and that isn’t the reason why furries have them made. It’s just that they want to be their fursona if only for a little while…due to how hot you can get inside one. Cost is really an issue for all of us, and I include myself. For example this one maker changes $2500 for a digitigrade fursuit, $2100 for a plantigrade fursuit, $1600 for a partial, and $300 min for a head (by another maker) and I mean that is the cheapest I seen, is really beyond what I can afford atm. I know I am not the only one in that same position. Quite a few make what they can themselves, and look like DIY projects and I am not going to criticize any one of them. As I often thought of doing that myself, due to few the very few makers that will sell everything separately.

I maybe going on about the cost, but that is a real issue for all of us. It’s a matter of paying our bills or buying a fursuit. Which even if you have one commissioned would take months to come. Really it isn’t like we can go down to the local costume shop and buy one. Even though some do, admit it yourself, I seen them at the furcons myself. But does anyone laugh or make fun of them. No, because we know it might be the only way of showing their fursona that they can actually afford.

My personal view on the subject is this, if you’re happy with what you got. Who the fuck cares about what others think.

Sites like Fursuit Review doesn’t need to exist.

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  1. I get the feeling you’re taking the wrong kind of information away from fursuitreview.com. I mean grated its there for you to take what you want from it, but it’s not meant to make someone feel inferior because your fursuit didn’t cost you as much or anything like that.
    As someone who likes to look through it and read reviews, I’ve always interpreted the use of the website was for people to share their experience with a maker they worked with, how much it cost them and if they felt the quality was worth it or not as some would learn and share just because the maker is popular or costs a lot, does not mean their quality is good.
    I think fursuitReview is a great tool to utilize, to help share what you liked about a certain maker’s work and ethic and what you didn’t like. If it weren’t for that place I could not have learned about some new makers I now follow or that certain popular makers are not what they’re cracked up to be (at least not until they improve).

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