Really Armbands?!!!

Really this began as a piece I decided to post on my Facebook page of how the Furry Raiders (at least some of them) behave badly and of how they should for the sake of peace drop that armband. The reason I mentioned armband is that a growing number of places armbands are totally banned. Not just cons, business have them banned as well.

My original Facebook post

Last night I read a piece on the Furry Raiders saying they are misunderstood. But given everything I have heard and seen, you know who is there own worst enemy….THEMSELVES!!! Look you can say someone is lying who might have issues with them. But the things I heard came from friends, one who witnessed an incident at the very last RMFC, and they showed me the video. Look I won’t go into details but…seriously if they want people to given them the benefit of the doubt they have to start acting better. I saw what started that incident with Deo on Twitter, and frankly I can’t blame Deo for reacting the way they did. That is just one example of dozens I could give where no raider is thinking before they react. People expect bad manners from it’s members and that is what they see. There is this incident with their leader Foxler where they went into this rant, which I will not repeat here. That was filled with things I rather not say. Yet another example of not thinking. Like the armbands, please drop them. I know it’s your symbol but there are a growing number of cons where they are banned without exception. Also given the current level of hate, it would be nice to see them take it down a notch. Also please behave better, it reflects badly on furries in general. Speaking of which I did a bowling event on Sunday and I was told by a member of their staff, that armbands were banned there too. So please drop those stupid armbands.

Believe me I respect Perri Prinz, I think they are a great commentator…but really this…

To drop the armband is dropping freedom of speech and expression. And anything you hear from the Colorado Furs group is suspect. They aren’t exactly impartial. I’ve never seen this video you speak of where they do something bad, but you won’t say what it is.

For the record the video I mentioned was privately shown to me. Believe me I don’t blame them for doing so, given the feeling some have for the Raiders.

Then C.C. Nelson posted

Armbands are not freedom of speech if being used to instill fear and/or hostility. Freedom of speech does not ignore legal consequence. Example, If I go to a mega church and talked about how all the furries are pedophiles, get the crowd riled up, and inform them that there is Furry convention in town and someone should “do something” before one of there kids get molested, I am and should be open some legal ramifications of that action if a churchgoing then immediately goes down with guns in hand and kills a whole bunch of Furries. Aside from that argument, many conventions are STILL private events held by 501c, LLC, etc organizations as well as the Hotels that host them. They are BOTH legally allowed to curtail or ban individuals due to “disruptive behavior” outside specific subsets. Sadly, these armband DO specifically try to mirror a nazi style insignia . The raiders have been asked to change iconography to any number of different colors, graphics, and placements that are significantly different but have refused because they keep “needing” a standard that looks similar to Nazi iconography. The effect there are going for is clear.

It’s just a stupid piece of cloth, it’s not like it is a flag. Really get a life