My Trip to Evansville, IN Part 1

When a longtime friend asked me to come and see him in Evansville, IN I really knew nothing about Evansville. The more he kept on asking the more I finally thought about going. Besides, literally, everyone has told me directly I needed a vacation BADLY. I understood why with all the issues I have been through in the last 10 years or so I finally decided to go, and like everyone else in my situation I looked up Evansville online and frankly, it only helped me choose a few places I would later see. But about the city and what it was like not at all.

Greyhound was an experience unto itself. But when I arrived and my friend met me he gave me the primer on the city. He lived in Haynie’s Corner a sort of art district filled with historic homes, and the nearby Ohio River and Downtown. I swear you could miss downtown Evansville if you didn’t know what you were looking for.

Well anyway, Evansville is right out of the Andy Griffith Show. Meaning tons of old buildings, historic homes and a few modern places around like the Tropicana casino where I had breakfast once. In my opinion, Evansville, even though it does have a bus system (I don’t drive), is a place where you need a car to get around. Reason being nothing is close, save for a few places near Downtown which I will get into more details in my next article. My friend drove me around to go to Golden Corral and a few other places during my stay and my Google Map app said he drove 18 miles. All the trips he was able to take me all averaged the same distance. It seems most of the shops and restaurants are on the west side of town or to the north. Frankly, I wish I could have gone wondering more than I did but a combo of the heat and humidity and my curiosity of the neighborhood I was staying with kept me from wondering but my walks did average 3.7 miles I only found that out this morning.

Evansville and the people who live there is a friendly place, everyone including a cop I met on one of my walks often said, “HI” and where are you from. In case your wondering the officer actually gave me some good advice like checking out online when a shop was open as most don’t post there hours and what areas I might find interesting and what were the better restaurants. One that officer suggested was fantastic I never had biscuits and gravy and really excellent sweet tea before. As trouble as some cops can be that officer was more like a tour guide that police officer. Traffic is nonexistent most of the time, I swear you didn’t even have to look to cross the street. There are a few traffic signals near downtown but not as many as you think. They don’t even have Traffic Reports on the local news. Road Rage never heard of it down there. Jobs…I actually saw 11 Help Wanted signs during my stay, all average $14 an hour plus benefits. Food was cheap you could get an avocado of 99 cents, in Chicago, it averages $1.79 to $2.50. I was able to pick up a 6 pack of bottles of soda for $2.49 and it wasn’t on sale. My friend had a nice large 1 bedroom apt for now get this $525 a month. You could actually get a large 5 bedroom home here, with stable and swimming pool for under $300,000 there.

I am just stating the facts.

It was really nice down there and I am thinking of a return visit in 2019 but this time I will be prepared more, like getting that app on my phone to update my blog. I also missed a few places.


Thrift stores down there are amazing. When I say thrift store furniture you know what I am saying, cheap, tacky furniture near the end of its life. But down there like new, stuff you would see either on Craig’s List or Ebay and I have new found respect for Habitat for Humanity Restores there stuff is amazing. I could refurnish my entire apartment down there with less month than my landlord charges for rent…including getting a better stove than what is sitting in my kitchen right now.