My Trip to Evansville, IN Part 2

My first full day by myself with my friend at work started where my friend actually suggested the nearby Visitor’s Center.

But it was also a huge as it was located on the Ohio River

as well as 2 museums

The Evansville Museum

Which wasn’t open when I arrived at 11 AM it seems a lot of places in Evansville run on Evansville time. Meaning they open late or have odd hours. But it did give me a chance to check out their transport museum which was next door.

As far as museums go it’s small but it does have some interesting exhibits like the steam locomotive and historic train cars you can walk through but what I found the most interesting was this.

In case you are wondering what that is, it’s a hearse pulled by horses. I seen them in the movies more time than I could count but to see one in person was so cool.

When I finished the other museum was finally open. The Evansville Museum is small but they do have a nice collection. The Pioneer Village I really liked as you get to see the everyday items from the past you just don’t see anymore.

No that wasn’t all I did, I then went to Walton’s Comfort Food it’s a restaurant in the area. Back at the turn of the 1900s it was a carmaker.

Their outdoor bar is the coolest one I ever seen