Reminder: Mr. Wolf Goes to Washington

Next Tuesday I leave for my trip to Washington DC by train, in case you are wondering why? I am scared to fly. I’ll be staying with a friend whom I never met in person before. But we have talked on the internet and phone for the last couple of years. Also as of yesterday, I am going to meet the family of my best friend. To say this is going to interesting will be an understatement. During all of this, I also plan on doing the tourist thing. There are several museums I want to see and unlike a lot of things you read or hear about. Mine will be the truth, I’ll be reporting on my actual experiences and dealing with security. Which is the main reason I won’t be going to either the Captial Building or The White House as security there is in short insane?

I’ll be reporting on how things really are and are it insane as some say? We will find out together. I will be posting “LIVE” reports on my Twitter feed @Dr_Timefox and there will be some exclusives on Tumblr I can’t exactly say what, because I don’t know. Like I said this is going to interesting, even more since I will be taking Public Transit and yes I am going to talk about that. The single truth is I don’t drive, I don’t even own a car. Living in Chicago you don’t need one, and in my neighborhood parking is INSANE. Even my own building charges $150 a month to park. So you can see why I don’t drive and I commute everywhere, even to work.

Like I said if you want to get a glimpse of what things are really like in Washington. Follow my adventure, I can say without a doubt in my mind it certainly will be an interesting one.

I’ll also post as photos of my trip, not enough to be annoying just pointing out Highlights like on my Instagram account @ahmarwolf I am going to leave the bulk of the photos to either Amazon Photos or Google Photos depending on what is easier to access. The link will be posted once it is up. I will be posting normally until Sept 17, after that, I am unsure until Sept 27. A lot depends on what I can do, on other people’s internet.