Mr. Wolf Goes to Washington: Day 1 Getting There

After a bit of confusion on my part while at Union Station in Chicago I was finally able to board my train…40 mins. late. It seems the Capital Limited had some mechanical issues even before my trip start. At one point we were more than 4 hours late which came about that the schedule between trains are so tight we often had to wait for freight trains to pass. Which pushed back EVERYTHING, including meeting my friend. They finally were able to cut that delay by some 20 minutes. We finally arrived in Washington, DC exactly 3 hours and 41 minutes late.

What you really need to know and yours truly almost screwed himself on. Is that Baggage MUST BE CHECKED IN at the very latest 1 hour before departure. I made it with all of 4 minutes to spare. re FOOD, the Capital Limited is like a growing number of Amtrak trains with no Dining Car. Meaning pre made sandwiches and microwave food, along with drinks and chips and I am sorry to say little else. If you like this stuff and are willing to pay $2.50 for a can of soda good for you. Otherwise, bring your own food.

The staff was friendly and even apologetic for all the delays.

But despite everything the sites were very memorable, and the other passengers who were willing to talk really helped past the time.

As for the WMATA better known to the rest of us as the subway was one of the best I ever used.

Checking out the sights today.