When The Place You Had Your Very 1st Furmeet Closes

Yesterday a friend called me about this time, begging them to take them to the hospital because a piece of metal was sticking out of their foot. Really I did not think twice about being there for them. I was there, and they honestly told me “Thanks for being there”.

I wanted to say this because it will explain why I was in Downtown Chicago where I just don’t go these days, due to the pandemic. In an Uber passing by what use to be a Panera Bread Location. I know my haters are going to rip me a new one for posting this. But as we passed by and I saw the sign removed and the place empty it felt that part of my life is over.

I have so many good as well as bad memories about that one Panera. I guess my favorite would always be how this group of strangers welcomed me during a time in my life I was struggling. Seriously my brother only died less than a year earlier. I needed to be around people. It all was great, I even had a birthday there were I was given a piece of art. Which I still have hanging up on my wall.

I still really don’t know why it ended as it did. It was late December there was over 50 there. By that Jan only 3 showed up. I swear that is the truth, I was never able to find out why, it was a great meet.

Then there was that horrible attempt by me at starting my own meet. 8 at the most and I still say they were the nastiest group of furries I met up until then. You see we had a Brony in our group they they drove him and me out. I couldn’t stand that hate. It barely lasted 3 months.

Still love Panera, and still go when I can. I already replaced my Rewards Card twice.

But to see that one location closed, it feels as if part of me died.

Some might be asking, will I go to another local meet? That I can say in 1 word, NEVER AGAIN.

But who says it has to be local, You see apart of my Post Pandemic plans are to travel. For now I won’t say were, but they are out of state. I might go to one or two. But we will just have to see, I think the biggest question is will they restart? As right now no one knows.