Fur Con News: Bewhiskered

Bewhiskered is looking for DJs

🛰 Attention DJs!
Want to bring the house down?
🚀Bewhiskered is still looking for DJ’s to bring the party!
Sign up below!
🪐 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OGwhfqJ9NzNJCkM_kSFhVDFBRLFPILFWusoaEqc9unI/edit

🎨 Art by @JasonM_Shark on Twitter

and Panel Submissions

🛰 Space Cadets we are calling on you to show us your skills! Show off your knowledge in your favorite furry field at Bewhiskered.
🪐 https://forms.gle/i6HTCEKxLH4D6bgT7
💫 T-5 Months