Siberian husky who went missing amid shelling in Bucha is set to be reunited with his owner after he was found wandering the streets by a Ukrainian serviceman who put an appeal on Facebook

Source Newsweek and Daily Mail

Among the many harrowing stories emerging from the war in Ukraine, there are tiny pockets of love and joy. 

Social media users have gone wild for the heartwarming tale of a Siberian husky named Yukki who is set to be reunited with his owners after they were separated during an attack near their home in Bucha, where innocent civilians were massacred by Russian forces.

His owner Marina, a mother of three, fled with her children when the shelling started but their dog Yukki, spooked by the noise, ran away. 

Through the absolute horror of what is happening in Ukraine. It’s nice through all the death and destruction that they can be reunited.

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