Once Upon a Time, This Tech Company Actively Recruited Furries

Vice.com recently posted an article

Seth Morabito wasn’t expecting to find the job that would change his life while at a conference dressed as an animal, but that’s what happened at ConFurence 7: He was a newly-graduated programmer identifying as a raccoon when he saw the furry-friendly ad seeking Unix developers.

It was 1996, right in the middle of the dot-com bubble. Morabito, now a 43-year-old software engineer whose furry alter ego is a raccoon named Tilton, was living in Connecticut at the time and feeling restless. He found the ad placed by Silicon Valley consulting company Taos in the back of the schedule for the conference.

Who had experience

In these pre-web days, participating in alternative communities and communicating around the world required building and maintaining your own servers and chat forums. To participate in their lifestyle and connect with others like themselves, furries often needed navigate the pre-web telnet servers called MUCKs, or Multi User Created Kingdoms.

Then lead to a job at Sun Microsystems

Now they have their own company and still works with furries