Furry Planet by Joe Strike Update

Thanks to Joe Strike’s own newsletter we know what is happening with his eagerly awaited sequel to Furry Nation. Which gave us an insight to a fandom most of us put our soul into.

It took quite a few months, but on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, the day before I left for Pittsburgh and Anthrocon, I completed the manuscript for my long overdue Furry Nation follow-up, Furry Planet!

The manuscript clocked in at 84,000 words–approximately 24,000 more than than my publisher Apollo asked for. (And believe me, I could’ve kept going & easily hit 100,000 words, plenty of subjects were left uncovered–thank God for deadlines!)

The cover on the looseleaf is a mock-up and will likely look quite a bit different when Apollo publishes Furry Planet early next year (either February or March).

Will review the book when it is released