Free Fur All – A Con in Denial

Originally I wasn’t planning to even talk about FFA or Hate con depends on how you look at it. Due to a quick survey on Twitter. But it seems the video I posted yesterday kinda changed things.

For the record I don’t condone hate in any way shape or form. If your a bigot your stupid and that’s all on that point.

If you check out Twitter and that’s what this whole article is based upon. You see a completely different view than the official feed. They call it a hit, but they were also expecting 600 and got maybe around a 100. Once source says they only had 6 tables in their Dealer’s Area, 1 from their charity. According to more than 1 video posted to Twitter, if a panel had 5 in that room it was packed.

35 Fursuiters in their parade, one video I saw ran 55 seconds.

Frankly there is a lot that doesn’t match any sense of reality. Like that so called charity, who I will not even mention by name. A group that lost it’s USDA License and had it’s state license pulled more than once. All for the way it takes care of the animals, they all looked starved from images I found on Google. I think it’s amazing the animal rights people haven’t stepped in.

The official totals they gave I assume they picked the numbers out of the air. Also if any monies went that animal place. I am 100% certain it all came from the furry raiders who by multiple sources helped run the con. I assume it came in the form of a bribe not to say anything, as nothing has.

Instead of renting space from a hotel, they could of rented a banquet hall and still had room to spare.

Originally I thought people were going to far to ban someone from this or that, until I found out who they were and OH BROTHER They were right in doing do.

A Con has never held so many slimy individuals as Hate Con

Editor’s note: I got advised it was a city own venue.