Furries You Should Know: Kjartan Arnorsson

Q: How did you come to find the Furry Fandom? How has it changed your life or outlook?
A: I was drawing funny-animal comix before there was such a thing as “Furry Fandom”. So it didn’t change my life much. Provided me with some entertainment and the occasional dollar, though. That’s all to the good.

Q: Is Furry a Hobby or a Lifestyle for you? Do you have a fursona or two or more?
A: Definitely hobby. I have a giraffe avatar on my FA site. Does that count as a “fursona”?

Q: How old were you when you started writing and drawing?
A: Six? I had a strip in a local newspaper when I was 14.

Q: Where do you get your story ideas from? Do they start out Furry or do you tweak them?
A: I get them from my brain. Most of them come pre-tweaked.

Q: Have you ever thought about going to wikifur and filling in the facts on what they missed?
A: Nah. I didn’t even know they had a profile of me on there.

Q: How many furry fanzines have you written or at least been apart of? Do you have favourite?
A: Fanzines, as opposed to the comix I published myself? At least four. Six or seven, if you count the short-lived ones. HUZZAH was my favorite – very high quality, lots of cartoon nerd fun and camaraderie.
As for published comix by me….somewhere in the orbit of a hundred?

Q: Which was your first furry fanzine and what made you wanted to do it? What was the last one and when?
A: First one? The first “Furry” comic I published was a minicomic about Savage Squirrel back in the 80’s. The first APA I joined was ROWRBRAZZLE.

Q: What do you think makes good story or artwork? What makes it Furry?
A: What makes a good story? An interesting plot and relatable characters. And it’s “furry” if it features talking animals.

Q: Do you think people are becoming more accepting of Furry?
A: First you’d have to define what “furry” is. I have no idea if it’s becoming less despised/more accepted or not.

Q: What do you think most Furry creators do wrong? Or maybe too much of?
A: Do wrong? Drawing “furry” stuff in the first place, thereby guaranteeing lower sales. As for “too much of”, the list’s too long. I don’t have all night to type this.

Q: What do you think of even your own Karno’s Klassics being forgotten by most furries?
A: I published that amateurish little line of minicomics decades ago, in tiny print runs. Of course they’re forgotten!

Q: What was it like being in a Clint Eastwood movie?
A: Fairly fun, actually. I had fascinating chats with some WW2 vets (they were renting out the amphibious landing craft used in the movie). Saw Clint himself in medium close up. Seemed a nice enough fella.

Q: What have you been up to in recent years?
A: Sitting around and drawing, mostly. Also got married, learned to drive, moved a couple times….y’know, life.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: Put off death for as long as possible, so I can get lots of sitting around and drawing in. I got piles of stories to tell.

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  1. I love Karno’s comics, new and old, and he’s also illustrating the ‘Komos & Goldie’ comic I’m currently co-scripting.

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