Furries You Should Know: Cethlenn

Cethlenn is a Admin on the Furry RP Haven Forum

1. Your background?

I’m an administrative assistant and web developer. I’m located in California.

2. When did you become a furry?

I’ve always admired anthropomorphic art and cartoon characters, but wasn’t aware that there was a term for the furry fandom until the mid-late ’90’s, when I met some therians and furs at the university I was attending. I have friends in both the therian/were and furry communities.

3. Is being a Furry a Hobby or a Lifestyle for you? Do you have a fursona or two or more?

Both? I do have a couple of fursonas. I need to draw them :). It’s on my to-do list. My main fursona is a coyote. My other fursona is avian.

4. Do You Own a Fursuit, and have you ever fursuited outside of fur cons?

I do not own a fursuit.

5. Do you have a favorite furry convention?

I have never been to a furry convention. I was almost able to go to CaliFur this year but work schedules prevented that. I’ve attended howls and an anime convention, as well as SCA events and Renaissance Faire. I attend SCA and the Renaissance Faires in garb.

6. When did you join Furry 2 Furry?

I joined in ’09 or ’10 at the urging of some RL and Second Life friends. I took an extended break and came back in ’12/’13.

7. While at Furry 2 Furry, did you get your start as a helper/moderator?

While at Furry 2 Furry, I was a member. I’ve been a helper/moderator on other forums.

8. Why did Furry 2 Furry shut down?

From what I understand, the person who was paying the hosting bill for the forum decided to stop paying the bill. I also understand that no one could reach them for the information needed in order to take over payment.

9. Is it true that Amok, the former owner of Furry 2 Furry locked all the admins and Mods out?

This is a question best directed at Studley Destiny, Essence, Earz Bunny, Draconicon, or Tanara, because they were mods and admin at the time that F2F shut down. They may also be able to shed more light on question 8. 🙂

10. Why were there so many different versions of the forum between when Furry 2 Furry closed it’s doors to this forum as it stands now?

There was a scramble to find a new place for the community. Having my own web domain enabled me to provide space that would not be shut down at the whim of an unknown owner.

11. Is it a tough job running the forum?

It can be, especially when the software updates cause issues and conflicts between the addons we use.
I am currently working to rebuild the user gallery from such a collision.

Social groups were also in place but waiting to be restored until the gallery is sorted and the software conflict can be resolved.

12. Any future plans?

We’d like to add more features, upgrade the themes and artwork, and hire a PHP programmer to help with some of the code. I’d like to host blogs for members and add other features as funds allow.