Rainfurrest: 2 Years Later

Really I don’t know what started all this talk about Rainfurrest. Especially why it’s no longer a con, I wrote an article last year for my blog on the disaster that it was. At least 60% of what I wrote was verified by a former board member in a post they made on another site. I have to be careful about posting that link, I was given a C&D for even talking about it.

Then there are those on Twitter who called that post “A good piece of fiction”. But still everything I saw them post, was barely 1% of the real story. Which I seriously doubt any former staff member will admit the truth about what really happened there, “That everyone screwed up royally”. Reminded me a lot about why Trump was elected.

I fully admit that I liberally borrowed that post from that RF board member which eventually lead to that C&D. But when you constantly get turned down for even a comment from every former RF staff member I even attempted to contact. I felt it was time to tell the whole story. The 100% TRUTH, who knew it would mean by blog would get spammed attacked by 2000 spams in less than 1 hour. A small portion wound up on the Greymuzzle group I mod on G+ that were filled with hate messages which I don’t even dare to repeat. I still believe to this day that the former RF board member and the site their story was posted on had something to do with the attack. I have since been told, to make those hate message look as if they were posted by me. Took someone with HTML training in other words a Webmaster. Thankfully the members of that group knew those posts weren’t from me, for all they did do is wonder why it happened, which I did tell them.

Look I am not constantly online, I do that by choice. But did I deserve actual Death Threats, for not taking down what I posted right away. No, I would of gotten around to it eventually…which is what I did.

Then there is that C&D which got me to take down what I posted. It also bans from from posting a link to that former Board Members side of the story. Interesting as this was happening they deny that I found the story on a Google search. Check for yourself, type in “Rainfurrest 2015” in the search box and look for an article that uses the words Post Mortem. That is how I found it, and even checked last night it still was there.

So what do I think after all of this. The Con Goers can’t believe everyone screwed up as bad as they did. The staff tones it down to a point where they make it looks like a misunderstanding. Then there is what I heard from a hotel staff member at MFF, it seems those who caused a lot of the problems at Rainfurrest are banned from cons, as well as the hotel. In fact one had a reservation at the Hyatt Regency and was refused a room.

So I stand behind my original post, the one that is on my blog right now. Which is solely based upon what I heard from various sources. Although it may not be 100% accurate but it is as accurate as anyone will admit to currently.
I want everyone to know I hold not hate against any former RF staff member, save 1 for what happened. Call this an open invite for anyone who was at RF 2015 to go on record to say what they saw 1st hand. My thoughts are no one will be willing…but we will have to see.

Update it seems all the talk about Rainfurrest came from the following post https://www.rainfurrest.org/2017/ it seems officially Rainfurrest is dead. Speaking of Officially they claimed in a previous post on their site that any venue they wanted to Hire wanted a $250,000 insurance bond. I have a friend who is in the hotel industry and they tell me it’s more like $500,000. Once again they lie to protect their asses.