Soto Wolf and Megaplex 2018

Soto Wolf has kindly offered to tell of their experiences at Megaplex 2019. I hope this will be a regular feature with them, and if anyone else would like to do the same please feel free to contact me like Soto Wolf.

It all started when my mate and I arrived at the DoubleTree Hilton at SeaWorld to check into the con Hotel. We met up with one of our good friends named mama pizza dog. There we met some other furries who were attending. And we got to know each other until we all had to go the opening ceremonies.
At the opening ceremonies it was all hawaiian-themed with Tikis London stage and an actual furry Who was hula dancing.

Afterwards we all headed back to the room and decided to have fun playing drinking games and whatnot so we all pitched in our money and did a beer run. We played Kings Cup and listen to some tunes on the Xbox one that I brought along. Afterwards we cleaned up and headed to sleep for the next day.
The next day we got up we ate breakfast together and then headed down towards the common floor. I decided to go to the silent auction and place a bid on a few items even though I lost in the end.

Then there was the fursuit games. I think there was about 100 people who participated so the speaker who was running the event had us divided up into lines of 50. We did a hula hoop challenge to where we had to move the hula hoop from one person to another without unlocking our hands since they had to be together. Then there was the domino tower game where we had to create the best tower out of 20 Dominos. Then there was the obstacle course where the first task was to do 10 jumping jacks the second task was to do 5 Twirls with the hula hoop and then the third task was to dab five times.

After that I met up with a friend of mine at dance tryouts. I was a little nervous and when it was my turn to perform I started out good but I lost energy throughout my dance. It was my friends turn it she did a really good job. My critique on the dance was to improve my energy and use my surroundings on the Dance Floor to better improve the dance as a whole. I didn’t make the list but my friend made it on the wait list and I was so happy for her. That night I was in the room hanging out with the others when I receive a text from her to meet her at the DJ area and I did. We went to listen to the DJ we danced for about 30 minutes and then decided that to call it a night.

We said our goodbyes and I headed to the room and everyone was doing “explicit” activities. I’d rather not get into detail on that because it would be rather disturbing for the viewers.

Sunday came along as we begin packing our things because the convention was about to end the other roommates gathered some money together and decided to pay for one more night only for my mate and I because we had to leave on Monday. We said our goodbyes to the other roommates and it was just my mate and I in the room so we decided to go to closing Ceremonies for the day and then walk around artist alley. There was a lot of unique stuff that I wanted to get however I did not have the funds to do so but my mate ended up getting a note card drawing of my fursona as a gift.

But then something occurred that was really magical. That Sunday night I went to the DJ dance floor and I was there for about 30 minutes and then my friend who was with me during the tryouts yesterday we sat down we spoke for a little bit and then all of a sudden I felt the spark between her and I however I didn’t want to have the wrong idea. I spoke with my mate about it and sure enough we agreed to have a polyamorous relationship with her. If you’re wondering where her name is it’s Scarlett Jane Fox. That’s her fursona name. To this day we talk about how we miss each other and whatnot in the next convention that I will be going to is Gateway furmeet or gfm. You should totally go I heard it’s a lot of fun.