The Good Furry Award Has It’s Critics

Doing something nice, for someone who is doing good is a wonderful thing. But no matter what it is, there are always someone who will find issues.

As Papa Bear recently posted about The Good Furry Award.

While I have made it a policy to ignore criticisms I receive from fellow furries so as not to encourage trolling, I feel I need to say something about recent reactions to the 2021 Good Furry Award. The GFA has, for the most part, been warmly received. But there are still furries out there who have called it everything from a waste of time to nothing but a popularity contest. One critic called it a slam to all the other furries who did not receive the award, saying it is “toxic really because it devalues all of the people that have worked to promote the fandom for many years only to say ‘look at this award we have given to some newcomer.'” Another said the “award money should be used to help those who actually need the help to get back on their feet especially after losing their job as a result of covid.”

You can find the full post here

But really folks, when someone is trying to do something that is nice. As the old saying goes “No good deed goes unpunished”. I know some might think that is a heartless way to look at things. But when your dealing with both the “Karens” of this world as well as the Cancel Culture who would absolutely love the Good Furry Award to be no more. We need to stand up against them.

That same argument about the money should go to… Has been said about NASA as long as anyone can remember. Fur Cons, I heard that at MFF 2019, as well as anything else you can name.

But Seriously as bad as things can get namely COVID, to get furries excited about giving an award to someone who is actually doing good.

Can any of you even think of any of the past winners of The Good Furry Award who honestly didn’t deserve that award? My guess is that you can’t.

The Good Furry Award is what it is, because it has to be there.