Cancel Culture is HATE

You know there is very little difference between being a bigot and a member of the Cancel Culture. Namely because they both hate something or someone for their own reasons. And if say you follow someone on social media that has the word “Cancel” in their name. You Too are a member of the Cancel Culture.

I bet if I asked anyone who follows someone who is using the word “Cancel”. Do they agree with the one who created this? My guess is the answer is “I like what they say, but I have no idea who this someone is”.

Think I am joking, just look at any video that attacks someone on YouTube…even though those are against YouTube’s Term of Service these days. They are always going on about frankly someone I have never heard about. I tried watching one of these, and the more they spoke, the closer they got to a libel suit. Ask 20 people and I am sure they will say the same.

This person or thing is EVIL and they should be cancelled out.

Frankly and I include myself in this number. Looking at either the title of the description I would say about 93% of these people or places I never heard of before.

There is also a even bigger issue and I hate to say this is what happened to me. Accusing someone of a crime, now here is the problem. Do they have the facts to back this claim up, frankly when I confronted one. There answer was and I am not joking “Everything I say is the truth, so everyone believes me”. Huh?!!! Nobody is truthful 100% of the time. We lie sometimes to protect ourselves, or to save someone from hurt feelings. Or even not making them feel any worse, than they already do.

Tell the truth 100% of the time…never

Think I am joking, then go ahead tell your parents the 100% truth about yourself.

I can wait.

You couldn’t?

But that’s my entire point. Given the way Cancel Culture is, it really should be called Karen Culture. Because they are 100% the same.

Frankly there are just way too many examples of this on You Tube.

But I think the best of these was something you might have heard about. Like when this mother tried to get her son in this over 18 party at MFF. She even went so far as to call the cops, to force the furries inside to let her underage son to be apart of this party.

Mother and son were asked to leave by both the staff and the cops.

The following year I heard from a staff member that the Karen tried to get these furries banned. But they failed on all counts.

To me this is a prime example of Karen Culture and Cancel Culture being one in the same.

Don’t be a Karen and don’t support them.