Furry Publisher Goal Publications Goes Under

Hello all,

Now that we’re back from MFF, it’s time to make the official announcement that we will be closing down in 2022, and we will not be doing any more conventions. Here is some pertinent information (some of it has changed since our last news post):

– We will not be ordering new stock of anything, so whatever we have, that’s it. Up until January 14th, 2022, if you would like to order a title that is out-of-stock, your order will be placed directly with the printer. Because of the extra shipping cost, all out-of-stock titles have had their price raised by $1.00, and will have a note in the title’s product description. Also because of this, we ask that you do not place an order for any physical merchandise in that same order.

– We will be allowing for distributor sales and sales outside the USA until January 14th, 2022. Titles will remain full-price until then. After that we will begin marking down the entire storefront, roughly 10% every 2 weeks/15 days. We will then be turning off all shipping options outside of the USA, as those orders are all placed with our printers (which doesn’t really help get rid of stock). Titles will still be available via our distributors as stock allows (including in-fandom ones like FurPlanet and Fusselschwarm), as well as via Amazon.

– Starting March 1st, we will be turning off orders from all sources outside of our website (again, not including any paperback stock that in-fandom distributors may have already purchased).

– Regardless of remaining stock, we will be completely done after March of 2022.

– I will still be operating Ottercorrect Literature Services and editing titles. It will likely be a bit of time before I’m available for new projects (I’m a little burnt out from all this), but that will all still be continuing.

– While our anthologies will most likely be gone after this timeframe, most if not all of our novel/novella authors have plans in the works to continue their work, so any series you are in the middle of will very likely be continued.

I think that about covers everything. Thank you all again for all your support through this process. I wish things worked out differently, but this is where things have ended up. I hope you all will continue to support our authors, and furry literature as a whole.

With love,
Sean Gerace
Goal Publications/Fanged Fiction