Canadian animated series ‘The Raccoons’ sees resurgence of interest

The Raccoons was incredibly popular series, I originally saw it on the Disney Channel

The show, which ran in 180 countries worldwide — including on CBC in Canada and the Disney Channel in the U.S. — follows a group of animal friends who try to save the Evergreen Forest from millionaire industrialist Cyril Sneer. Animation by Atkinson Film-Arts (later renamed Crawley Films) and Hinton Animation Studios showed the Ontario roots of “The Raccoons.” “You can see Canadian landmarks like a train station or an untouched shoreline,” said Gillis, an award-winning creator, director and executive producer whose credits include “RoboCop: The Series,” “Atomic Betty,” and the “Universal Soldier” television movies, “I Was a Rat,” “The Nutcracker Prince,” “Camp Lakebottom” and “Jimmy Two-Shoes.”

So what is happening?

Although the series and the specials were released on multiple formats in the ’90s and ’00s, they are now out of print and the series is currently only available on the Run With Us YouTube channel. Until recently, the archives had been stored in a climate-controlled environment. After receiving proposals from international distributors asking to update the shows to modern platforms, Gillis and his team began restoring and remastering the series and specials from the original 35 mm to 4K and 8K last year. “We have already restored two episodes and the results are amazing. It’s like when the original artwork first went under the camera.”

Gillis estimates the first two seasons will be available on subscription, advertising-supported channels and networks such as Disney, Tubi or Prime Video by May, with all five seasons — and never-before-seen extras — released on Blu-ray and DVD before the end of 2022.

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As to those who might not know what I am talking about here is a full episode and see if you become a fan