Goon Dust Love Book 1: The Wolf by Daniel Carter Review

The Wolf is the 1st volume in the Goon Dust Love series by Daniel Carter

The series is described as

Michael just wanted to have fun at prom. Elaine just wanted to make her best friend happy. They didn’t know they’d end up talking to a drug-dealing wolf. Or burning Michael’s mom’s car. They didn’t know they’d have to sell magazines for Pig Dad or lie on their college applications.

The Plot

Keep in mind this is only apart of the full story

Micheal and Elaine are long time friends, they have been friends so long it’s like they have been together their entire lives. They are also fans of a TV series Dark Passage featuring Detective Cloud which they are totally hooked. An innocent suggestion for Butterfly Drugs lead them to a drug dealing wolf. Where these 2 innocents get involved in something far far darker than they expect. Turns out The Wolf and his companion was going to both kill and eat them. Michael killed them instead, in a mistaken effort to confuse the Police. They spread powders of various drugs thinking this is how the cops dust for prints. They burn Michael’s mom’s car, steal a van later as the story ends they wind up sleeping in the van.

The story is 67 pages.

So you can say continued to the next book

The Verdict

I honestly liked it, although shorter than most books I have read recently. The cover art and the story works very well together. In this story where you have 2 clueless teens to how the world really works, and it all fits.

Although like some books I review this is not for anyone looking at a HARDCORE tale. Just a light story of innocence and how despite everything hopefully surviving it.

Which means staying out of prison (fingers crossed).

So how do I feel?

I am giving this book a 8 out or 10, and I give the publisher Rabbit Effect a 9 out of 10 for marketing.

The books have unique art, the story read by a hardcore mystery fan loved it. I wondered what they were going to stumble in next. I am going to personally recommend this to a couple of friends who are looking for something innocent and light. The characters are wonderful, I know this is one I will reread.

Perfect for the young adult reader.

With my order they included this

Sorry it got wrinkled, that is my fault. But this tiny 4 page zine fills you in for all they tiny details the books doesn’t include.

The books are available from Rabbit Effect