MFF 2014: Sweet, Sweet Memories

Once again I have to say even though I was at MFF on Saturday, I left long before that HAZMAT Emergency, and if you read the post above, you see why I am currently smiling.

Frankly I didn’t know what to expect at this years MFF. I guess I am not the only one, but it really was like that for me. First thing I saw that the crowd was larger than usual and for the first time all the sponsorship were sold out as I got my badge. But that was kinda expected since I heard most of the hotels were sold out. No my first sweet memory was during the parade when I got hugged by a fursuiter. It still makes me happy.

Floor Wars, which was my second MUST See is filled with incredible dance moves. But the one thing I will always remember, is of this blue fursuiter. You can see them on my photos on flickr, what is hard to see when they laid down was their big round blue belly.

Given the way I felt before I arrived maybe the cellphone signal issue they had was a blessing in disguise. You see I been taking care of a friend’s dog for over a year because they had been in Rehad, after a severe accident that almost took their life. I really don’t want to say they had been a pest of themselves, given the number of times they call me in an average day. But I really needed the time just to relax and have fun.

Oh that Variety Show, was sooooo good!!! Okay so it’s non professional, but it was certainly fun…and I want to go back. This time *fingers crossed* for 2 days this time around, and I hope to get a non furry friend to come. Who knows this might convince them to join us, hey we have fun and no one could disagree wit that.

Am I right….