COVID-19 and Wild Nights

Wild Nights Furcon which was supposed to take place on April 23-27 this year in Wilburton, OK USA has officially postponed this years convention to next year.

Wild Nights 2020 POSTPONED

Wild Nights 2020 has been officially postponed until 2021. After an emergency business meeting the decision was made to postpone Wild Nights until next year, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. These are events that are beyond our control.

The organization will be getting a refund of our deposit from the park. Having the event this year was not possible; the Oklahoma Parks department is not allowing any gathering of more than 10 people in keeping with CDC recommendations.

We’re doing this as a ‘postponement’ instead of as a ‘cancellation’ because otherwise, by our Bylaws/rules, we would have to elect new Members at Large and appoint Event Directors, etc. By handling it as a cancellation, all those folks stay in their positions. Officers, however, will need to be re-elected, and nominations are now open for them on the business forum.

What if I’ve pre-registered?