Your Articles Are Wanted

Once again I am begging for articles, for a site like mine who tries to update daily. I go through a lot of material in an average week. Believe me with the pandemic and the lack of good furry YouTube videos, and what little news we are getting from furry gatherings. It is really getting harder and harder to find anything interesting to post.

So whatever you got I will consider it, no matter how dumb you might think it is. I am even looking for game reviews, both video and board games. I know quite a few furries are into such things, now it’s time to tell the world why you love a particular game. If you like furry books or a certain story maybe one you wrote. I am interested, and this is no joke. If I get enough good submissions, ones not flagged for copyright issues. I will be offering $100 via PayPal to the one I think is best, over a certain period.

Rules: Common Sense

Being Furry related is a plus, or even having furry characters.

Please no Vore or Cub Porn.

TF is fine

Please don’t steal material from another site, as all will be double checked

Please send your submissions to:

Ahmarwolf {at} mail dot com