Nightshift Furry Book Review

Nightshift is described as

In a world of felines, corruption, injustice, murder  and crime runs rampant. The safety of the city falls into the hands of  the NYPD Special Agents that work the Nightshift. More then just your  plain ole cat-burglars cause them problems.

Writer and Artist: Cindy Ramey

Nightshift is rated Teen.

Call this a review of the comic you see in the above photo and reading the comic HERE

Night shift is like any detective series on literally anything these days it starts out slow and gets better as it goes along. Trying to figure out the characters and the settings, what I am trying to say you may not like it to start. But believe me it does get better over time.

I call this one about average for the genre and I suggest you read the comic which is available on the same page you can order it from HERE

Once again I give it to Ringtail Cafe for leaving it up to the buyer to see if they like something or not.