Breaking News: Fursuit Head Stolen



This head was stolen last night at FC right out of the dealers den. If you have any information to it’s whereabouts please contact convention staff members, or the maker, a police report has been filed.

Maker –

If the person who stole this is following the page: Please call the police department and return it. You will get booked but they will drop the charges because you confessed. It is not worth getting caught (and you will get caught) being charged by the state of California for theft. That will cost you or your parents over 10 thousand dollars in legal fee’s and court costs. If you don’t, this record could possibly carry with you for the rest of your life and make it hard to ever get a job. We all make mistakes but we have the choice to correct them or not. A fursuit head is not worth the overall quality of rest of your life. Please think that over carefully.