Where does Fred Patten Stand in the Midst of All of This Controversy

Since Fred Patten is one of the most respected furries there is and that his articles appear both on Flayrah and Dogpatch Press I decided to ask him his view, I also asked would he ever consider moving his articles here.

Fred Patten’s reply.

Frankly, most of my connections have been with Dogpatch Press and Flayrah. Both sites have big backlogs of my articles and reviews. It looks to me that both sites started out by just reporting the news that RMFC was cancelled, and then providing forums to let the fans argue over whose fault it was.

I had my own trouble with Flayrah over GreenReaper and crossaffliction never answering my e-mails during the months when Flayrah wasn’t posting anything, which is why I started contributing to Dogpatch Press instead. Today I’m contributing to both of them. I am not on Twitter, FaceBook, FurAffinity, or any of the other social sites that most of the fans who are arguing whether the Furry Raiders are neo-Nazis or not are arguing on; so it’s all second-, third-, and fourth-hand to me.

Something that I’ve not seen is just what Deo said besides her “Gonna punch some Nazis” comment. It’s said that she reported the threats about bringing guns to the RMFC committee. Exactly what did Deo say? Nobody has said. Did Deo say anything else to anybody else? Some fans say that Deo has been spreading hate and lies, but she denies it and I haven’t seen any real evidence of it. This is a big reason why so far I’m still favoring Dogpatch Press and Flayrah.

Talking about lies, I’m 76 years old. That’s not old enough that I was in World War II myself, but I remember all the “the Japs were going to invade America, and here’s proof!” claims that turned out to be deliberate lies and propaganda.

Since I don’t have any first-hand knowledge about this whole mess, I’m staying out of it. I don’t want to withdraw all that I have in Dogpatch Press’ & Flayrah’s backlogs from them. Sorry.

Best wishes;


Editor’s Note: I do not take responsibility for what Fred Perry said, if you have any issues please contact the sites the posts his work.