Live Action Mulan Mini Review

Being a history buff and a fan of animation, your very well aware of the historical inaccuracies many films. Even though I do love the animated Mulan, it doesn’t even come close to the way things really were.

With that said, the live action Mulan is more accurate, although at times it looked more like many of those Kung Fu action films that come out of Hong Kong for the most part.

All I can say it is watchable and I actually enjoyed it. Which is something to say since I had originally planned on watching it in the theater. Although not as good as the animated version, there is nothing wrong with the film, but it does not compare with the 2009 Chinese production. If you get a chance to see this I highly recommend doing so…if you want to see a terrific live action version. I think Disney would have done better if they used the 2009 writers.

Once again it’s watchable, and you might even like it.

But in the meantime check out the trailer for the 2009 film