The Email

Recently I received the following email from trafficluxary dot com


We would like to post a sponsored article adjusted to your site content that would contain a do-follow gambling link.

Would you accept a guest post with us? If so, what are your prices for
such kind of advertisement?

We hopefully look forward to hearing back from you.

I sent the following reply

I would admit the money would be nice. But I can condone gambling and porn links. Call it I have been online for a longtime and I have seen abuse with these links. Often leading to malware and ransomeware. Besides with the agreement I have with my site host doesn’t allow for ads. And if I ever change my plan if has to be something I believe in.

I believe in independent makers of content.

I would be interested in content only if it was furry related, as that  is what my readers expect.

I respect them and everyone is having a hard time currently. I never want to ad to their misery.


I wanted to make it very clear to my readers that I care about what you see here. Some my question my taste, hey that’s just an opinion. I will never subject you to the countless spam we see everyday. It has literally gotten so bad that we tend to ignore it.

We are in fact better than this, some might think I am foolish for turning down free money.

But let them think what they will, I am an independent and always will be.