Genus issue 31 Review and Download

Interspecific Relations by Dark Natasha

A simple story of lust between a male dragon and a female unicorn. It is a excellent example of why Dark Natasha is such an excellent artist. I love the bit of humor at the end where the dragon is picking his teeth with the unicorn’s horn.

Sticky Wicket by Brain Sutton & Mark Fried

The only way to describe this piece when one woman flashes her breasts to another. Leads to being taped up like a mummy. Very funny.

House to Home by Bill Fitts

I have to say from the start I love this. It’s a story about a stray dog who goes to the Taurin Housing Authority so he have a roof over his head. Although it isn’t that obvious that his social worker Karen is in love with him. So they arrange a time and place to meet up, which is her home. After giving him a tour she confesses to everything. The guy is like most of us on RL when someone we don’t know tells you they love you and start taking off their clothes. They talk for a few, and settle any ill feeling before heading off to bed for some hot sex…doggy style. It is at the very end when they lay together in bed, that we know they have found one another.

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