8 Weird Moments In Furry Fandom

Oddee.com has this great article on 8 Weird Moments In Furry Fandom where they examine moments in furry history with a surprising new take.

#1 A convention is cancelled over fears of fascism within the fur community

Where they examine The Furry Raiders and how they view it might of caused RMFC to close

#2 Chlorine gas sickens 19 at a Chicago furry convention

Which I think is still a bigger mystery than what those involved claim, but anyway Oddee gives their perspective.

#3 The woman who mistakenly brought her therapy dog to a furry convention

So a lack of judgement brings one of the cutest photos you have ever seen, as well as a great story I frankly knew nothing about.

#4 The cartoon cereal mascot who begged furries to stop sending him porn tweets

I wish I had a pair of gloves to type this one. This one concerns the incident where Tony the Tiger on Twitter was getting so many suggestive EVERYTHING. They had no choice but to block furries. Really folks it’s just a drawing.

#5 The Syrian refugees who were housed in the same hotel as a furry convention

One of the greatest moments of all time. I seen a couple of videos where they met and I don’t care how heartless you feel towards these people. As soon as you see fursuiter and refugee meet, your heart will simply melt.

#6 The triple murder that rocked the furry community

I rather leave this to the article as all this violence of late simply sickens me

#7 The MSNBC host who confused the Easter Bunny with furries

Really folks this in MSNBC and your asking why the confusion? Have you even seen what is on that channel?

#8 The movie company who marketed a film directly to furries

One of the many reasons I believe Zootopia was such a huge hit for Disney. I am so happy to say this is 100% true.