Changes at MFF 2018

Last year MFF opened up part of the nearby convention center for both a Dealer’s Area and Artist’s Alley. Apart of this was the LOOONNNNGGG passage from the Hyatt Regency to the Donald E. Stephen’s Convention Center.

But MFF 2018 there are major changes to the entire convention, not in how it is run, but how it is laid out. The Main Stage is bigger, The Con Suite was moved, the entire lower level of the hotel is dedicated to gaming Registration, Art Show, Artist Alley is now on the 1st floor of the convention center. Meanwhile, the 2nd Stage is where Artist Alley was last year on the 2nd floor.

Furries will get confused

You think you know where something is and then it turns out it isn’t. The only good thing I can say a lot more people will be grabbing a con book, or checking out the digital maps available around the hotel. It will also make getting from the convention center to the hotel easier, just go downstairs and walk across the street.

I will be reporting on this, as I too got to still get my badge.

Maps can be found here