FurBuy Site Restoration News

As posted on FurBuy Discord group by UrsaPolaris their Admin

So even assuming we did that, it doesn’t mean we’d be able to find a (competent) web designer to make the site look like a masterpiece of art.

Keep in mind that the screenshot you thought looked terrible was created by a web designer with a very impressive portfolio and many years of experience as a web professional.

And while that page itself was not their specific design, it uses the design elements they gave on other parts of the site.

Granted, it’s a page that lists the categories of the site and the number of items for sale in each category. It’s not going to be a work of art, it’s just a directory listing.

As for the colors, it’s an MLP site, and on-theme for the site name. There will be different sets of themes for different sites we’re hosting. Initially we’re only offering a single color scheme/banner for each site, but we’ve laid a foundation for adding more easily.

The reason I didn’t include the FurBuy screenshot is that there are many placeholders on that site right now, such as the banner and some of the color palette. Some folks who’ve used the new system (alpha testers) hated the colors, while others loved them. Which just makes it more clear that multiple themes will be important pretty early on.

At this point we’re not even sure we’re going to re-launch “FurBuy” using the FurBuy name. We’ve purchased a number of other domain names and are still discussing which name we want to go with.

More news when it’s available…