Flayrah and Sonious

I think anyone would go through SHOCK, FEAR and OUTRAGE when you know a site is nailing your hide to the wall and you really can’t understand why. Then something hit me on my way home from work yesterday…how dumb this really is. Think about it, the 4 videos, the post and the 100+ comments over just 1 comment that I did not allow. I really found myself laughing out loud.

It is really the silliest thing I ever saw and I have seen some really dumb stuff in my life.

Let me answer his criticisms

Why do I limit comments?

One word SPAM originally, now include trolls. Honestly I get so few comments that aren’t done by bots. It makes more sense to me to approve everything. Besides they are just comments, not the bill of rights.

Why the limit on how long you can actually post a comment?
For the very same reason as above, for 2 years I opened my blog to anyone who wanted to make a comment. Everyday I would find myself deleting spam once I went beyond 50 in one day that is when I imposed the limit.

By limiting comments do I limit FREE SPEECH?
There is a fine line between free speech and hate and I do my best to weed out the hate. Over the years I have gotten some really insane comments. So basically I allow comments that are positive, have a valid counter view, or add to the discussion. Insulting me, this site or any author who I can beg to post something here will not be approved. In other words hate is a no, disagree post someone where on social media I could use the views.

So why was Perri Prinz’s article changed?
A question no one has asked me or Perri Prinz. I had permission of the author, and I got messages and I want to make this very clear (2) TWO people, 1+1=2. One was a friend of the author who didn’t not want their name mentioned, and later the author agreed. The other a mod, a person who actually ID’ed themselves as a mod for flayrah threatened me with a C&D if I didn’t take Flayrah’s name off of the article. What choice did I have.

Besides how many of you have posted a comment somewhere and frankly not even thought twice about it later. I would very much doubt if any of you can remember the 2nd to last comment you ever made. I can’t I doubt if anyone reading this can. It’s just something we throw at someone and hopes it sticks.

Not this Sonious it seems they never can let anything go. I found his YouTube channel yesterday, and checked out a couple of the vids. All I saw was someone who has a really difficult time letting things go. Meanwhile while watching these, I thought that this person must be a nightmare to be one of their neighbors. One of those neighbor’s from Hell.