Furversion issue 11 Review and Download

The Furverted info page by Krim Granger

It simply talks about upcoming cons, left over copies and how to submit works to Furversion

The Furry Party page appears to be a notification page for upcoming furry parties

Furry Forum by Tanith Tyrr

Tanith Tyrr basically gets in to why the furry fandom and shaminism are one in the same.

Cats and the Cradle by Paul Mantz

It starts when a child disappears from the airport. Before it soon gets in to terrorism, govt secrets, and spies. It seems the more you read the deeper the story goes. Unfornitly if a give out the plot I would have the write out the story as it goes everywhere and does everything. Well worth a read.

Tatiena by Robert C. Lai

Is a story of a female Tanya Starfleet Officer investigating a planetside facility, and gets involved in a recreation of a WW1 Dogfight. When it appears they are going to have sex…the story ends.

Nighfighters by David D. White

Puts you in the middle of war being fought between Shiryo, whose inhanitants are tree squirrels and Shiryo whose inhabitants evolved from rodents. This flight crew is for most of the story between missions so they are taking a break at the Officer’s club for a drink and tell stories of their life there. I find it a really good take on what can be an often repeated plot point. Unfornity the story ends with “To Be Continued”.

Furry Data Files by Steve Corbett
Subject: Zebra Team
Item: Character Histories

Seem to be an overall history on characters for prehaps a story that lay in another issue?

Seeker’s Quest episode two: Weep for Muralk by Chuck Melville

Tells a tale of this woman telling of a place called Murwalk that was seemly destroyed just as things get interest 2 literally drop in and one character called the seeker. Beyond that is nothing, except a ‘To Be Continued’.

Clean Getaway by Maxx “88”

2 women making an escape battle and moster and strip it of it’s parts. I just don’t get it.

The art is sometimes NSFW but is great, so many different style and takes on the anthro form.

Overall well worth a download.

You can both view and download Furversion 11 here