Joe Strike on The Doctors

Joe Strike mentioned in his own newsletter about the piece

The segment itself was titled “Do You Identify as a Furry.” (Earlier in the episode though it was teased as “Furry Fetish?”) Apart from asking that obligatory question – and my obligatory response (“there are furry-related fetishes, but Furry itself is simply a community of people fascinated by imaginary, anthropomorphic animals”) they totally let me speak my piece without turning the segment into a debate.

They incorporated stills of me as my scaly alter-ego Komos and a clip of a furry convention dance rave video. At the end the two hosts decided Furry is a Good Thing – and even compared notes on what animals they’d like to suit up as: one chose tiger while his co-host said his computer screen wallpaper is a lion, so he’d go that route. (They also plugged Furry Nation, even put its cover onscreen, which I did not mind one bit.