Genus issue 16 Review

Girls of Stosstrupp by Ted Sheppard

It’s about a patrol of women sent to a beach to clear mines and all they succeed on doing is getting themselves rescued and blowing up there members clothes. Really not very good.

Bottle Trick by Paul Kidd and Brian Sutton

A man goes to a stripper show to see one on one girl action and winds up seeing one half naked woman sitting on another shoulders. One joke and it’s a lousy one.

Turning Over A New Leaf by Chris Whalen

An artist tries to draw no sex, no naked woman and that is all they drew. That and a crowd. One joke and not funny.

Greater Influence by Bill Schmickle

This is actually great not only it makes fun about men using women in this case for sex and laundry and how women can fight back and kick the guy out. The anthro lions in this piece are GREAT!!!

In Trouble Again by Chris Whalen

Same artist from Turning Over A New Leaf trying again. Which wasn’t even good the first time around.

Uni-universe by Stepan Pergrine

A unicorns naked dream, with naked anthro mares doing a pseudo ancient greek piece. Meaning stylized over the top story. For what it is, I really like it.

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